Are Twin Flames Real? A blog post for my Awakening Twin

Are Twin Flames Real? (A Blog Post for my Awakening Twin)

Ever wondered if you are a Twin Flame?  Or if Twin Flames are Real?

If so, don’t worry!  You aren’t alone.


If you are a Twin Flame, you WILL go through a deep questioning phase of asking if Twin Flames are real.

It’s a valuable part of your ‘KNOWING’ process….


Do you want some proof that Twin Flames exist?


A Twin Flame experience feels like this:


Meeting Your Twin Flame

You meet Someone and are instantly fascinated by them.

A child-like joy bubbles up in your Being, and you can’t seem to take your eyes off them.

It may not even be a sexual attraction at first, but there is just something about them that ‘calls’ to you.

There will be a time when you can’t seem to get them off your mind.

It may seem like an unusual fascination, or maybe an obsession.

It is in fact, the Universe  saying ‘Pay attention here’.  ‘Something is very important about this person’. ‘Concentrate on THIS!’


Twin Flame feels like ‘HOME’

In their physical presence, TIME seems to stand still.

You are both alert, yet calm at the same time.

Your belief that there is something special about them, becomes even stronger.

You feel this intensely satisfying feeling of ‘HOME when you are with them.

No-one will have ever described this feeling to you before, but you instantly know it is called, ‘HOME’.


Discovering your Twin Flame is you in another body

Your Twin Flame, uncannily knows you better than you know yourself.

They seem to be able to look inside you and know your deepest desires, wishes, and thoughts.

They know things about you that you’ve NEVER been able to identify or put into words.

Each second of each day, you fall deeper and deeper into LOVE with them (..and You) 

Your fascination with them grows.


In Your Twin Flames’ Physical presence…

Heart palpitations are common.

Arousal, YES!

Infatuation, YES!

Time always stands still in their presence…

Because all that matters is being with them.

Your LOVE, Your HEART.

Being with THE ONE who makes you feel whole!


Twin Flame Yearning for Each Other

Being apart from them hurts.


Every thought is about how and when you can see them again.

Being apart is PHYSICALLY painful.

Fleeting thoughts of being forcefully separated in past-lives come to mind….

‘Never again’ you declare…


Twin Flame Feels like Obsession

Your mind and ego fights, what your heart already KNOWS

You endlessly question yourself.




Are you crazy?   NO!


Twin Flames – Two Bodies One Soul

Instead, you’ve just met YOU – Your Soul –

Looking at you through the eyes of another person, your Twin Flame.

No wonder it is “Love at FIRST SIGHT!”

You are seeing ‘YOUR SOUL’ and falling IN LOVE with YOU

… (for perhaps the first time in your life)


Twin Flames – Fact or Fiction?

So what is the Twin Flame Truth?

YES, Twin Flame are REAL!

YES, Twin Flames do EXIST!

YES, Your Twin Flame is YOU in another body!

And YES, Your Twin Flame will always LOVE YOU – no matter what!

When you first meet them, you will never forget it.

And either will they.

Your SOUL just KNOWS!


Twin Flame Free Will Choice

The  real question is – ‘What will you do about it?’.

Do you face your fears?

Your Twin Flame is waiting for you, their arms lovingly outstretched.

‘Do you CHOOSE LOVE?’ ….Or, not?


With So Much Love,

Kristina x.


PS.  This post is inspired by, and dedicated to my Twin Flame, who’s dreams I shared last night.  He was wondering if Twin Flame were real.

{Yes, my Love.  They are real.  You and I are Twin Flames.  I love you, my ‘Handsome Man’. You know who you are. Much Love, ‘Mother Hen’.  xxxxxoooo}

#TwinFlames  #OneSoulTwoBodies


PS2.  Newly discovered you are a Twin Flame?  My Free Twin Flame Terminology Course with help you better understand what all the Twin Flame terms mean, and give you a great head-start on this Journey.

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