How Long Does Twin Flame Reunion Take

How long does Twin Flame Reunion take? Well, it depends.

Are you eager for Twin Flame Reunion with your Twin Flame?

One of the most commonly asked Twin Flame questions is ‘How long does it take to get to Twin Flame Reunion?

Everybody wants to get to Twin Flame Reunion quickly, but what if Twin Flame union is not the first goal for you and your Twin?

Read on, to see what I mean….

Everyone focuses on the Twin Flame Love component

In the Twin Flame Community, there seems to be two camps.

  1. Those who only see Twin Flames as their ‘perfect love’, and don’t understand what it truly means to be a  Twin Flame.
  2. Those who DO understand the bigger picture spiritual purpose of Twin Flames, but still want the ‘perfect love’ in the physical, ASAP.

Nothing wrong with either of these two camps.  I personally fall into the second group.

….But what if there is something incorrect in the thinking as a whole.

For both groups, there is a WHEN/THEN mindset.  WHEN I get [X], THEN I will be [Y].

For the 2nd group, it is the belief that once you and your Twin Flame get into physical union {when}, you can then start your Twin Flame mission together {then}.

What if Twin Flame Reunion isn’t your first priority

What if your individual and combined Twin Flame Missions are better served over the time you are APART  (and yet still conscious of each other), rather than only coming after you are together physically in union?

Did you ever think of that?

Twin Flames who are geographically separate from each other will understand this more than most. There is a true purpose behind why Twin Flames are separated by distance.

Here are some possible reasons why Physical Twin Flame Reunion may not be first priority for you and your Twin Flame:

  • What if both you and your Twin Flame work for the same company, and your Twin Flame has a big role of transforming an industry or company practice?  Given how companies frown on romantic partners working together, your Twin Flame union would be best served in this case, if you aren’t romantically together whilst this part of your Twin Flame Mission is being undertaken.
  • What if your mission is to help a single mum or single dads, or even single widows?  Helping this group may mean you had to be one of them (ie single) during this time.
  • What if during current COVID-19 times, you had to be stranded in a particular country or be physically apart from your Twin Flame to help balance the light on the planet?

Does this mean you aren’t going to have Twin Flame union in the physical with your Twin?  No, it doesn’t mean that!

Everything in your Twin Flame Journey is always taking place as and when it should.

Some Twin Flames planned a long separation

What I am saying is, perhaps a long time frame between discovering you are a Twin Flame, and coming into physical union was planned by you both before you incarnated.

This would be the reason that you might not yet be in union, not because your Twin Flame isn’t awake, chasing you, or because they are currently with a Karmic.

It is simply that your combined twin Flame mission is best served by you both in an indirect manner (individually).  Rather than with you both together at this stage.

Rethinking your priorities as a Twin Flame

How does this shift in thinking sit with you?

Does it feel right to you in your Twin Flame dynamics?

Have you checked out my ‘6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types’ e-course yet?   In this course, I explain why some Twin Flames take longer to get to Physical Twin Flame Union than others. It will help you understand what is going on ‘behind the scenes’, and the bigger picture of what a Twin Flame couple may be here to clear. All of which makes the Twin Flame journey is a little easier to bear.

(In case you are interested, it also discloses a little known-reason why some sets of Twins will have a really strong 5D connection, yet others may not.)


Twin Flames Reunite in Divine Timing

Physical union will happen when it is meant to, Divine Timing, and all that.  Don’t stuff up your more important light working duties by trying to force a more immediate timing with your ego.

Maybe you should take your focus off physical ‘union’ as the goal, and just share your light… where you are and what you are called to do.

Is Twin Flame union inevitable? I believe it is.

Know with certainly that when Twin Flame reunion is meant to happen, it will.


So….what is the answer to “How long does it take to get to Twin Flame Union“.  As I said before… It depends!

Much love,

Kristina   x

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