A Common Misconception about getting to Twin Flame Union

One of the most frustrating things in the Twin Flame journey is, the time it takes to get to Physical Twin Flame Union.

When we are with our Twin Flame during the ‘Bubble Love’ stage, we get a glimpse of the future to see how beautiful life together with our Twin Flame will be, and naturally we want to go straight to that destination.  ….RIGHT NOW!

Twin Flame Unions aren’t instantaneous

Twin Flame Unions aren’t instantaneous, because whether you know it or not, Twin Flames have a lot of growth and transformation work that they need to undergo and complete first.

Our thought process is, that once we know who our Twin Flame is, we should skip any necessary growth, and all the other usual steps of friendship, courtship, and relationship etc, and go straight to happily married ever after.

But life (especially when you are a Twin Flame), doesn’t work that way.


Here is a quick exercise:

For a moment….. Just imagine yourself and how you would react, when any person (not your twin) suddenly comes up to you and declares undying love for you, and demands that you must get marry them and move in with them instantly, without a second more delay….

How do you feel about this?    Are you scared, panicking and ready to run for the hills, thinking they are certifiably insane?

[Note:  Insert some sympathy for your Twin Flame here, if you did this to them, before they truly awakened to the power of your Twin Flame connection!]


If you think about it things on Earth take time to develop.

  • On a mental level, processing the thought that a person is your ‘forever after love’ takes time to sink in.
  • On the physical plane, you plant a seed and even though you know what the final tree should look like when it is grown, the growth process takes time.
  • On an emotional level, you need to take time to get used to being with your Twin.  Moving straight in with someone who may be almost a stranger usually wouldn’t feel right.

How long do Twin Flame Relationships take?

No-one knows the exact answer to this as your Twin Flame relationship is unique.

Lets, however, for example sake, compare Twin Flame (TF) union to a more ‘normal’ 3D earth based relationship (which of course, it isn’t).

  • How often do you need to see or met someone before you decide to be friends?  Is it hours, days, weeks, months, years?
  • How long would you need to be friends with someone, before you agreed to date them?  Is it hours, days, weeks, months, years?
  • How long would you date someone casually before you both decided you wanted to become a ‘couple’?  Is it days, weeks, months, or years?
  • How long are you going to be a ‘couple’ together, before you both decide that you want to be each others’ forever partner?   Is it months, or years?
  • How long will it be before you find that perfect time and place to ask your Beloved if they would marry you, and you both agree to become engaged to each other? Is it months or years?
  • How long of an engagement do you have before a wedding?  How much time do you need to plan, and prepare in the physical for creating a long, loving life together?  Is it months or years?


I think you get the drift of what I am trying to share.  Why should your Twin Flame Union happen any faster?

[Note: If you came up with a combined time frame of less than 2-3 years, then I suggest you reconsider the above again.]

All relationships take time – Twin Flame relationships included.

Given the period of time you have just worked out above, why are you expecting your Twin Flame Timeline for Reunion and Marriage to be instant, when relationships never happen that way?

Your Twin Flame love connection may be instant, but your relationship and union will take time.  Expecting otherwise causes pain.

(Hint:  So if you are in pain, check what expectations you might have regarding your Twin).


Be at peace with the fact that creating a life-long partnership with your Twin Flame will take time, and don’t try and forcefully speed up things.

Move-forward-with-your-Twin-Flame-slowlyDecide for yourself:

  • What do you think is a good elapsed time for your Twin Flame journey, and for you and your Twin to both physically, mentally and emotionally work towards this together?

(Also remember your Twin may not be consciously awake of your connection yet either, which will cause delays.  In this scenario, you can’t start ‘counting’ until your Twin has recognised and committed to your Twin Flame connection.)

  • What time frame have you decided for each stage of the journey? 

If it took 3 years from first seeing your Twin to saying Hi, (as it did for me..) lets face it, but I am sorry to say “your journey isn’t going to be a quick one”.

You need to change your ‘instant’ expectations of going straight to full permanent physical union with your Twin.  Take it slowly step-by-step instead, confident in the the knowledge that each step moves you closer in your relationship with your Twin.

You can’t win a race, by just standing the starting line, and somehow ‘wishing’ yourself to the finishing line’.  You do actually need to run the whole length of the track, one step at a time.

Be patient with your Twin Flame Journey

  • Be patient with your Twin.
  • Be patient with Yourself.
  • Be patient with the time it takes.

You will get there.  Your Twin Flame Union is the purpose of meeting your Twin.

Don’t try and control what you can’t control. Just let it unfold naturally.

Let go of fear.

The Universe and Divine Timing HAS GOT THIS!

Hang in there. xx

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