Twin Flame Tools: 7 Tips to help your Twin Flame Journey

Are you feeling confused and frustrated over your Twin Flame Journey?Stressed-Twin-Flame-needs-tips

Do you need some Twin Flame tools and tips?

Discovering you are a Twin Flame, and even just simply being a Twin Flame can be tough.

Despite, the true, yet ‘overly-romantic’ descriptions of Twin Flame love,  this is not just another ‘normal’ romantic relationship.  Twin Flames are more that.

Working out how to navigate a Twin Flame connection can be hard for your brain to understand, especially when you are only just starting to truly understand the Mission and enormity of what Twin Flames couples are here on Earth to achieve.

Your ‘soul-driven’ Twin Flame journey by its very nature is confronting and intense, and often can be overwhelming, but there are things that you can do that will assist you on this process.

Here are some tips and teachings that have helped me on my Twin Flame Journey:

No. 1 – Express your thoughts, and feelings

As you go through this journey lots of thoughts and feelings will pop up at all sorts of times.  Some will be yours, and others may be your Twins (Yes, this is possible as you are both connected).

It helps to write down or journal your thoughts and feelings, regardless of what they are, or whether you ‘label’ them ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Don’t hold them in or repress them.

Any thoughts and feelings that are coming up as part of your Twin Flame journey need to be acknowledged and processed.

Get them out of your body and out of your head.

You don’t need to yell them out loud, or express them to another person, simply just be a witness to them as you write them down in a journal.

Personally, I find the old-fashioned paper and pen/pencil version works best.

Writing like this is a good way to release pent up emotions, and also a great way to communicate with your Soul, and see what your Soul is trying to communicate back to you.


No. 2 – Twin Flame signs and synchronicities

Ever seen the movie 2:22?   Or, noticing repeating numbers, or other highly unusual events?

Is your Twin’s name suddenly everywhere!!!  Trucks, Buses, Magazines, even spoken in the office lift?

These are known as synchronicities.

Watch for signs and synchronicities that guide your path, such as Angels numbers like 11:11, and 222; or car licence plates with your Twin’s name or initials, etc.

Signs and synchronicities is a very important and appreciated reminder you aren’t alone on your Twin Flame Journey, and that the Divine is on your side, guiding you through a very special and unique process.

Some people get frustrated over all the synchronistic signs out there – they think it is an indicator of time-frame (which it isn’t) .   Rather, it is more like that flag that you are on the right path.

Personally, I love synchronicities.

I find that syncronicities are a wonderful reminders that no matter now confusing things may seem, my ‘Soul’ has “got this” process.  I just need to let my Ego/Monkey Mind step aside and just allow….


No. 3 – Remember to Allow… don’t fight the process

Whilst we all have good days and tough days (especially in the early stages) on this journey, try and stay in an open and receptive state of gratitude and allowance.

Don’t fight against your situation, your Twin, or the world in general. This soul connection is all about love and energy.

What you resist persists, so just acknowledge where you are, what is happening, and then focus elsewhere, if needed.

If you need to sit down and reorganise your underwear or sock drawers to get back to the present and feel some type of control and peace over your life, then please take the time for yourself to it.

This whole Twin Flame process is about your Soul taking control over your life and YOU moving to a ‘Heart Centred’ way of living.  Don’t fight it (because your Ego will never win over your Soul). Whether your mind understands this or not, your Soul chose this.  So, LET IT HAPPEN!

When you are in an open and receptive state, you aren’t resisting or blocking anything, and allowing good to come.


No. 4 – Ground yourself in Nature

Get out of your head and your ‘pain body’, as Eckhart Tolle calls it.  Spend as much time in nature and the sun (safely) as you can.

Nature is the world’s best medicine – other than your Twin, of course!.

Simply breathe in the beautiful peace of the world, connect your bare feet to Mother Earth and ground your energies.

Spending time like this reminds you how big and powerful Mother Nature is, and that it (and you) is controlled by an Infinite Intelligence where anything is possible, and nothing is a mistake.


No. 5 – Reconnect with your Divinity

Going through the Twin Flame Process whilst interacting in a busy world can be difficult.

Try to get some alone time, if you can.

Progression through the Twin Flames journey is mainly an internal process. It is about us seeing/identifying all the places where we aren’t congruent with our soul and its desires, and it is hard to do this when surrounded and distracted by others.

This is a key reason why Twin Flames couples often temporarily physically separate from each other, as some things are easier to learn and process whilst alone, and when not distracted by what is happening for your Twin Flame.

So, like the point above, take the time to be alone with your self and remember your angelic mission.

You are a soul here on the earth with a special mission to ‘re-write’ the definition of true love, and help bring more love and light to the planet.   Take the time to Shine!


No. 6 – Honour your need for Sleep 

As each Twin Flame individual is on an accelerated ascension path, our bodies are busy processing, repairing and transmuting energies whilst we sleep.

This can be exhausting.

  • Did I say this can be exhuasting..?
  • Did I mention how exhausting this process can be? …..

You get the point.   Sleep is IMPORTANT.

Sleeping not only allows us to rest and recover, but lots of our physical and spiritual integration processes can only happen or happen faster when your conscious mind is offline, aka asleep.

Please don’t be afraid to nap whenever you can, even if it has to be in the backseat of your car.

Sshhh!   I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Sleep during your Twin Flame Process

No. 7 – Hydrate 

Nourish yourself with Water.  Drink as much water as you can.

Like the point above, your body is transforming and going through adjustments.  There are nights when you wake up in a sweat, and even during the day your temperature may fluctuate.

Be kind to your body, feed it light natural foods, and lots of good quality water.

Meeting and connecting with your Twin Flame may trigger a Kundalini Awakening, which will cause your emphatic abilities to open up, if you weren’t aware of them prior.  This means you can pick up other people’s aches, pains, fears and worries.  A very useful way to clear your body of these and other toxins is with Epson Salt baths, or to go and float in some sea water, if you can.



So, there are 7 tips for your Twin Flame Journey.

Above all, remember to practise strong self care during this journey and it will help you get there.

Hang in there !  xxx

PS.  You are not crazy.  Please remember to say “I am not crazy” over and over as many times as needed.  This connection is beautiful, divine and different that anything else you will ever experience.  So, no wonder it doesn’t make sense most of the time.

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